Very confident in saying that you will like it too

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I The HangTite insulin pen holder is designed to mount inside your icebox and neatly organize your insulin pens so you can observe many insulin pens you have at a quick glance. Since pens snap directly into the holder, it’s easy to understand at a glance exactly how many pens you have readily available. Your pens are kept organized in a single easy location, keeping them from active or getting lost. Simply place the insulin pens into the HangTite and get gone the bulky boxes they’re packaged in! Available in violet-blue and glacier-white. Colors can vary greatly slightly.

After 3 years of testing and fine tuning, I can honestly say that the insulin pen holder has proven to solve all of the conditions that I had previously experienced. I can now keep all my insulin pens organized, up and out of the way while saving space and it’s easy to see just how many pens I’ve at an instant glance. I vividly remember telling my partner how I was struggling to find a storage solution for my insulin pens. The initial words out of her mouth were, “So why don’t you make one? ” Hence the HangTite insulin pen holder was created and the initial prototype found its way into my refrigerator in 2013.

The HangTite insulin pen holder is the first product of its kind. I love it. My wife and kids think it’s great, and I’m very confident in saying that you will like it too. It’s just one more way to make dealing with diabetes just a little bit easier.

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