The four new pistols are divided into a few different styles and classes, the first being a wonderfully destructive shotgun for demolitionists. The HRG Kaboomstick has increased the number of pellets, doubled the size of the HX25 pistol magazine and an alternative fire option to fire both guns at the same time. It is a piece of fantastic clarity for those who like to see their enemies in a few dozen pieces.

Next is a ranged weapon for Berzerkers, the HRG Teslancher. This assault rifle fires microwave shells with an alternate fire “guaranteed to give the mercenaries an incredibly enjoyable time.” The Teslauncher can provide EMP grenades to hinder Zeds, giving you a little leeway when you slow the relentless flow of targets coming your way. Tripwire Interactive Announces Four New Guns For Zombie Slaughterfest Killing Floor 2
Third, we have the Glock 18c for Gunslingers. This large pistol has a built-in silencer and can be used in both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire mode. You can also take a second and drop them both in fully automatic mode to bring a good tip of the ball in combat and erase everything in a beautiful burst.