In addition to surgical service of Pectus excavatum, the vacuum bells was brought in more than ten years ago. It is just a conservative treatment to correct the pectus excavatum. The up front results of Vacuum Bell are motivating. With the vacuum pressure bell treatment that is depending on 13-year of experience throughout the Nuss method the intraoperative use some specialized innovations. To make a vacuum in the anterior wall membrane of the upper body a Vacuum Bell having a patient-activated hands pump is employed. There are 3 different types of sizes of pressure bell can be found. There exists an unit that is connecting for teen women. Based on the patient’s age group and ventral surface the correct size of pectus excavatum vacuum bell for sale is chose. For a minimum of 30 minutes double a day it must be used in the home. It can be used to get a maximum to many hours regularly. During lady visits with an integrated judge the severeness of the used negative pressure can be considered. There is a principe of electric versions that are used to allow the way of measuring of the relationship between the increase of the susodicho wall within the chest as well as the applied destructive pressure. You will find three sizes of carpet cleaner bells can be obtained, they are 08, 19 and 26 in diameter. In line with the individual ventral surface and patient’s era the size of the vacuum bells is selected. In an extra surface with reinforced si wall the medium-sized unit is available. Having a small profound Pectus excavatum the medium-sized model is going to be suited for the adult people.