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Robert baker is mostly a former hidden operations policeman with the central intelligence company, where he put in seventeen years specializing in counterterrorism, counternarcotics, and counterinsurgency missions. During that period he involved in and monitored operations around the world, specifically south america, the middle east, africa, european countries, and the soviet union. Nowadays he’s the president and co-founder from the private cleverness and protection firm persistence l. Phase. C., in which he oversees the company’s action and development in the unites states. Baker suggests clients upon strategic and competitive brains matters and oversees due-diligence, investigations, continuity, and risikomanagement practices. In addition , mike is additionally currently a producer and a set of scripts adviser for the entertainment sector and a present-day guest about several monk news route programs consisting of foh favourite red total eye with ben shillue. This is certainly fantastic information to all of us, because it means he is are actually people on the globe who might just have some details as to what andy levy is absolutely up to once he’s certainly not in the reports deck. It is going to be challenging for this interview to soar through the air under the adnger zone in the manner which usually he offers throughout a most of his job, so i want to proudly admit we are much more than honored to acquire former cia operative mike baker as each of our guest today in twelve questions. You were crafted in london, great britain. In no way will i mean this kind of to arrive off seeing that rude or perhaps insulting, but…why idaho. Challenging places that you’ve got the chance to living and working throughout your existence, what is hence special about this state that makes it such a fantastic place to increase a family. We get that the lot…particularly right from friends within the east coastline, in and around nyc where we all lived prior to moving to idaho. It may be all about the coffee quality and speed of lifestyle.

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