Stassi Schroeder confirmed that she had agreed to have her marriage filmed according to Vanderpump rules. However, she regrets making it a destination wedding.

Beau Clark and Stassi are ready to say their “I do” in Rome, Italy, but had trouble getting a location because of the filming permission they need to get.

Stassi Schroeder Wishes She Was Having A Courthouse Wedding — Also Exposes Scheana Marie For Calling Paparazzi On Herself! She spoke about the frustrating situation of Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s first podcast.

“I hate it and wish we never decided [to have a wedding 5,000 miles away] and I wish we went to the courthouse. And nobody in Italy apparently likes [television]. Nobody wants to sign the publication of Vanderpump rules. It’s a nightmare.’

She added that Beau was no longer enthusiastic about the marriage because of the stress it had caused. The casting director even said he wanted her to tell Bravo not to film it, but she can’t because reality TV is her life.

In another interesting tidbit from the taped conversation, Stassi revealed that she was guilty of calling the paparazzi herself and she did when she and her ex-boyfriend broke up.

“It was when Patrick [Meager] dumped me for our birthday the day before our trip to Mexico and I was like you know what? I look hot during this trip, I feel skinny, I need him to see how hot I looked, I said to myself: “Paparazzi, I’m here!”

She also denounced Scheana Marie for having done the same thing too recently.

“You know who does this, Scheana does that when she goes to Hawaii.

Lala intervened to note that Scheana did it when she went to Disneyland too.

The two vacation spots she was spotted with Bachelor Nation stars Robby Hayes and Demario Jackson.
Do you think Stassi should move his nuptials to America?