Horror is the theme of the next generation as Scorn is announced for the Xbox Series X. This nightmarish world is full of strange creatures, shapes and ideas mixed against a dark background of contemplation and fear. The designers deliberately wanted to give players the feeling of being thrown into the unknown. Lost and alone, players must explore regions and interact with a disturbing environment.

Explore the horror in a new world and at your own pace. The non-linear direction of the game allows players to explore the world and decide their path. Each area will provide players with new skills and weapons as well as items that could help make sense of the world around you.Scorn Is An Upcoming Horror Nightmare From Ebb Software, Explore A Terrifying Universe With A Somber Undertone

Contempt is an open world with several interconnected regions. Each region has rooms and paths that await curious players. The game is very proud of its environment because the story is presented through small details and the living world around you. There are no cutscenes in this game, and all of the stories are experienced through the eyes of the main character.