Robert De Niro received the Life Achievement Award yesterday at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and there is no doubt that after such a long career filled with iconic and critically acclaimed roles, he deserves it! In addition, the actor also delivered a very memorable acceptance speech in which he spoke of the current political climate.

Robert De Niro Talks About The ‘Deeply Concerning’ Political Climate In Life Achievement Award Acceptance Speech At The SAG Awards! After receiving the honor of none other than Leonardo DiCaprio who admitted to studying the 76-year-old actor while starting his own career in Hollywood, De Niro received a standing ovation.

At the start of his speech, the experienced star first teased that there was a project in which he was currently involved with DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese.

He continued: I was perplexed on what I wanted to say to express my gratitude for this award, but more than that, being part of this community of actors, being able to lead a career with dignity and creative fulfillment. As actors, we don’t do it alone. We cannot do it alone. We depend on each other for collaboration in our work and for support and camaraderie on and off the screen, and for that I am very grateful.

Then, perhaps even more particularly, the actor then drew attention to the “disastrous” political reality that we are living in today and which is “so deeply worrying”.
“There is good and bad, common sense and abuse of power. And as a citizen, I have as much right as anyone else – an actor, an athlete, a musician, anyone else – to express my own opinion. And if I have a bigger voice because of my situation, I will use it whenever I see a blatant abuse of power, ” De Niro said as the crowd cheered and applauded.