A new action MMO has entered Early Access on Steam. The PVE and PVP experience is a game focused on survival, exploration and history. Explore the crafting system in depth and discover a new style of the popular MMO genre.

The game retains the standard two-faction mode, but unlike other games, faction allegiance is not locked. Players can switch between the two factions, which will result in a change in biology and appearance. Explore a hostile world where players must learn to hunt and hunt, or die on Kepler.Population Zero Has Entered Steam Early Access Introducing Players To The World Of Kepler

Population Zero introduces players to the planet, Kepler. You have 168 hours before the world turns you into a supernatural being, so make the most of your time and learn to survive. The game includes varied landscapes and unique wildlife. While survival can be a challenge, other players can make it an almost impossible goal.

There is a mystery buried in this game about the world, the sphere and the lost technology. Only the most persistent players and the most investigative will be able to find the true mystery of the world and unlock the true objective of your mission.