The Apple restricted pledge covers a defective battery, however it does not cowl wear from traditional use. AN Apple licensed technician may got to take a look at your product to seek out the reason behind your battery issue.If your battery contains a producing defect and it’s coated by our pledge or shopper law,mobile phone repair Edinburgh they will service it at no extra value. If your iPhone battery service is not coated, confer with your native Apple licensed Service supplier or carrier regarding out-of-warranty battery service.

If your iPhone screen is broken, we’d be ready to fix it. We’ll send it to our Apple Repair Center for precise activity on our specialised instrumentation. the price to repair it depends on your iPhone model and any extra injury. injury caused out of the blue or abuse isn’t coated by the Apple pledge. If your screen cracks because of a producing defect, it’s coated by the Apple pledge.When you get your iPhone back from service, it would have a replacement package. If your iPhone uses a SIM card, put it in. activate your iPhone and follow the steps you see on the screen. after you end the setup, restore your knowledge from your backup.

We might be ready to fix or replace your product for AN out-of-warranty fee. Your replacement iPhone are new or comparable to new in each performance and dependableness. The Apple restricted pledge is additionally to rights provided by shopper law.Our pledge does not cowl injury caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications. See the pledge for complete details. you’ll be able to check your pledge standing on-line and update your proof-of-purchase data if there is a slip-up in our records.This is additionally to rights provided by shopper law. we provide this whenever you get service from U.S.A. or from AN Apple licensed Service supplier.