The series was an exchange of skills between the best talents of China. JDG opened the series with a win but lost the next two consecutive games. And even though TES was highly predicted to win an easy 3-1, JDG tied the series to a game five.

The fifth game was close, but a crucial team fight in the middle of the game gave JDG a gold lead and better benefits for the next skirmish.

With the Ocean Dragon to be won, the two teams joined together with their eyes on the objective. But JDG’s support, LvMao, took down an ultimate Bard well placed to lock two members of TES, which allowed JDG to engage the other three players and win the team fight.JD Gaming Take Down Top Esports To Win China’s League Pro League Spring Split 2020

JDG’s offseason acquisitions worked well after a poor performance last year, where they finished eighth in Spring Split and 10th in Summer Split. The organization acquired Korean ADC Lee “LoKeN” Dong-wook after former world champion Gu “imp” Seung-bin left the team. With their new ADC, they quickly found synergy and trampled on low-level teams, while setting up good fights against high-level teams.