IRS Form 8862

IRS 8862

Income Credit

When applying for your Earned Income Credit, the application might be denied or in some cases, you experience a reduction. When filing for the period when your application was denied you fill a certain form labelled Information to Claim Earned Income Credit After Disallowance and it is filed when the reduction or denial of your earned income credit is for reasons that weren’t caused by miscalculations or a clerical mistake.

Who is Eligible to fill the form

Earned Income Credit is a tax credit that is available to only low-income earners. You get a reduction in your tax liability and get a refund from the IRS. To be able to apply for it you need to file an 8862 form. A valid social security number will be required, you must have had employment during the year for which you are applying and be a legal occupant of the united states during the same year. Couples need to file it together and must earn an already stipulated amount.

In the same vein, there are people who are not allowed to fill the IRS form 8862 and they are people had reductions or denials to their EIC on the grounds of reckless or intentional disregard or requirements. Such people will face a ban of two years. People who were unable to get the EIC because of fraud are banned for 10 years from claiming EIC.

However, on whatever grounds your EIC was disallowed after submitting the form 8862 once, you only file the 8862 form once for every occasion of denial or reduction in your EIC.

Instructions on Filling the Form

The IRS 8862 is divided into three sections. For the first section, everyone needs to fill that and then you have the option of picking either of the two other sections. The second section is for those that do not have qualifying children. Qualification of children is carried out by the IRS on the ground of age, residency and relationship, while the third is for those without qualifying children.

Here are four steps to fill the tax form:

  1. Put in your name and your Social Security number;
  2. Enter the year for the tax year you are applying for the form on line 1 in the first section;
  3. This is for those with qualifying children, input information in section 2 that regarding your children;
  4. This is for those without qualifying children. You would have to input the number of days you have lived in the United States.

You can fill the IRS form 8862 online at Good luck!