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Vincity westmall dai mo, positioned in the property of thang long. This belongs to the neighborhood of the two wards of tay mo and dai mo in nam su liem area. Thua Relishing the system of the nationwide highway number 70 of thang lengthy boulevard. Vincity ho chihuahua minh north western no dai is designed at the area of thang long freeway on road 70. Just simply off the countrywide convention middle full 5 various km. Inside the north: surrounded by caungong river over the boundary on the proposed terrain area to obtain the construction of this military background reserve of vietnam. East: road seventy, nhue waterway and dai mo residential district. In the sth: adjacent to cau trien, tay mo keep, dai mo ward and part of the prepared road seventy two. The western is next to the dual end urban region by la direction du trong tan-geleximcov le trong tan. Visitors smoothly, multiple-way connection from your căn hộ vincity đại mỗ. The research area is around 4. 18 km long and the human population is expected to be regarding 11, 500 people, with all the aim of arranging an private space. The landscape of your two edges of the street, creating the new face needed for the downtown road. Getting together the necessities of the prevalent development of the location, the relaxation with the existing works you will find nearby. The bond to the next locations is extremely convenient to have moving. Task brothers tran dinh dangled de’capital.

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