Dylan Dreyer of Today revealed that she had recently tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. Dreyer said her husband waged a brutal war with COVID-19 just before he returned from maternity leave last week.

Page Six reported that the 38-year-old host had to have a blood and nasal swab test which showed that she had antibodies to the virus. However, interestingly, it has never tested positive for the actual disease.

Obviously, feeling a bit unsure of what all of this means, Dreyer asked NBC medical collaborator Kavita Patel what it meant for her to have the antibodies. She asked him, “Am I invincible now?” Patel told him that science is still evolving and changing and while it may be nice to say it is invincible, the doctors just don’t know enough. Dylan Dreyer Tests Positive For COVID-19 Anti-Bodies

According to page six, there are currently two types of tests on the market: one that checks if the patient has the virus through a nasal swab, and then a blood test that checks for antibodies, showing that the patient has been exposed to the virus.

Patel told Dreyer that the tests were not 100% accurate either. There was a “big variation in performance” from the tests, the doctor explained to the host of NBC. Adding to what the Center for Disease Control has said on several occasions, Patel urged the public to wear non-medical masks and wash their hands regularly.