5 Thoughts to Get Your Ideal House Treadmill

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Treadmills have been going our lives for many years and they are continuously being developed by all kinds of manufacturers. You can find it in the market from 100 dollars or so with basic functions to several thousands of dollars with many advanced features. It might be difficult for you to choose which the best for your home treadmill is.

Before buying a treadmill, you may have to know what the purpose you are to buy it or what your needs are on a tread. Is the treadmill for your family or only for yourself? Are you tall enough to buy a treadmill with longer deck or just a common one to get into shape? What is the budget for your treadmill? These all should be clarified before your next action.

This article will not focus on your needs and budget but give you 5 basic ideas how to choose your best home treadmill or what are the factors you may have to consider over before you are trying to buy a treadmill.

Here are the 5 basic ideas.

1. It is all about the motor

Unless you prefer a manual treadmill without motor on it, the motor is the most important and expensive part on an electric treadmill. It usually ranges between 1.5HP to 3.5HP or more and the most popular range is 2.0HP to 3.0HP for general use. If you are an athlete or you are extremely heavy, you may have to pursue the motor with higher horse power.

The most motors in the market are with continuous-duty feature. That means it can be running continuously for hours without a stop to get it cooling. Also some motors labeled with DC, which means direct current (DC) electricity, provide more silent than the AC motors. If you have any concerns pertaining to where and how to use good proform 705 cst treadmill reviews, you can get in touch with us at our web page.

The motor warranty time links to the quality of the motor. Think it over by yourself, if the motor has a life time warranty, it means the manufacturer is confident on its quality. If it was easy to be broken, the life-time warranty would cost the manufacturer more to repair than the profit they earn on this product.

2. The cushioning is associated with your health

We know the strong point running on a treadmill compared to running outside is the cushioning system. A good cushioning system highly protects your feet, knees and joints from injuries. Also it contributes sound reduction and makes the whole treadmill quieter.

I heard a people bought a cheaper treadmill without good cushioning and jogged on it. After several months, her hips were damaged so hardly that she felt painful even when she was walking. That’s the example we are trying to avoid. If you like running on a treadmill, this feature is essential for you to consider.

3. A good service and warranty will protect your investment

Like I said above, the warranty stands for the quality of the product, which means the producer guarantee the parts are seldom got problem during the promised terms while properly using it. The motor and frame warranty are the most important in the warranty policy of the product. Don’t buy it if they are less than 5 years. For the other parts, for example, electronics and labor, they generally have at least one year warranty.

The service is also a part you need consider. Assuming you call the service number and ask for some help, but nobody answers the phone. What’s your feeling on the product? So it is a good idea to call the service number or the technical number and ask some questions on the product before buying. In this way, you can test the sale service or their technical support is good or bad.

4. Always search the treadmill with quality brand name

A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. A brand name is usually registered as a trademark by the owner or his company. It can be added much values by the advertisement, the quality of the product and the good experience of the users. A good brand name is not only well-known in the industry but also has a great reputation on its products. So choosing the treadmill with quality brand name is a must.

Moreover, you also need to see if the product which you are buying is still supported by the producer. Sometimes, a certain product will be out of market or be replaced by an advanced product although it has a good brand name. Nobody likes buying an outdated product which will not be supported anymore. You can check this information from the website of the manufacturer.

5. Check the product reviews from the real buyers

We all know Amazon is the largest online merchandise market in the world. It is also a good place to check the product reviews from the real users. For each product, including treadmills, there is an overall review ranking which maximum is 5 stars. You may only focus on at least 4 star ranking products with at least 10 reviews. The more reviews it has, the more popular the product is.

From the user reviews, you can not only check the good points of the product but also the week points. You may list all the weak points on a piece of paper and research them one by one and see if the weak point is a big issue on your needs.

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